Disney Suffers Yet Another Disappointment as ‘Wish’ Fumbles Expected Box Office Win

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To say that The Walt Disney Company is having a bit of a rough stretch would be a gross understatement.

Public sentiment is at a seeming all-time low, the company is hemorrhaging money and jobs, and the theme parks are becoming their own unique headache.

One might assume that, for a company whose entire media empire began with film, Disney could re-calibrate and find some success in its film division. But recent evidence suggests that would be a mighty faulty assumption.

The latest ominous example of this comes from Disney’s newest animated film, “Wish.”

The movie, whose marketing largely appeared to leave fans confused, stumbled out of the gates when it debuted over Thanksgiving week — leading the film to come up short of even its own low expectations.

Per Variety, “Wish” debuted to a paltry “$19.5 million over the traditional weekend and $31.7 million over the five days.”

Those numbers clearly fall short of the expected “$35 million over the traditional weekend and $45 million to $50 million in its first five days of release” that the film was projecting to do.

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