Disney’s Ridiculous Plan to Replace Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Sequel Goes Viral: Report

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Will Disney ever learn?

The latest news regarding the House of Mouse’s upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel seems to suggest Disney has not and will not.

Over the past several years, Disney has sought to head in a more “inclusive” and “diverse” direction, replacing many of its most popular tried-and-true male heroes with overly competent, flat feminist fill-ins. This likely played a large role in the company’s terrible 2023, which was riddled with box office bombs.

Much like with its “Indiana Jones” and “Star Wars” franchises, Disney is now reportedly seeking to replace the incredibly popular male lead of its “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise with an all-new female character.

According to a widely circulated report from CNBC Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman, Disney’s upcoming “female-led” sequel to the franchise is eyeing actress Ayo Edebiri to serve as Depp’s replacement.

According to Richtman’s report, Edebiri would be playing a character named Anne who would lead “a younger cast of pirates looking for a hidden treasure.”

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