‘Disturbing’ Biden Video Resurfaces: What’s He Doing Holding Hands with These 2 Children?

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Given that President Joe Biden has an awkward history of preternatural closeness with children, one of the things you’d think he’d be conscious about was never being recorded walking into the Oval Office with a kid holding each of his hands.

But this is Joe Biden and he’s barely conscious, much less conscious of how that looks. Thus, you may have seen yet another clip of the president with two kids making the rounds on social media over the past few days:

WARNING: The following tweets contain graphic language that some readers will find offensive.

The video begins with a girl asking Biden about his last trip to Poland. Biden, who doesn’t seem to understand what she’s saying, says, “Why don’t you come over to the Oval Office and ask me?”

Then someone behind the camera seems to ask if another boy can join him. They do, and the troika can be seen walking into the Oval Office.

“All of the idiots that ignore and/or downplay these things are enabling this behavior. Parents, for the love of God… please keep your young children away from the Big Guy,” a user named “Gain of Fauci” said in a Friday tweet. Another user called it “serious and disturbing.”

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