Do Americans Still Value Democracy? Trump Tops iTunes, and Jan. 6 Footage Reveals the Truth

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FOX’s Tucker Carlson released 40,000 hours of unseen footage of the Jan. 6 Capitol breach, shedding a very different light on the narrative presented by the mainstream media and the select congressional committee on Jan. 6. Now Democrats and “swamp Republicans” want to censor the press and prevent the American people from seeing what happened that day. However, it appears many Americans still value and desire the truth. A recording of Jan. 6 prisoners singing the national anthem while former President Donald Trump’s voice recites the Pledge of Allegiance skyrocketed to No. 1 on iTunes, topping several celebrity hits. It’s encouraging that preserving democracy and due process still matters to the American people, especially when top government leaders are calling for press censorship and withholding information from the public.

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