Doctors Declared Pastor Brain Dead, Now His Wife Is Sharing an Incredible Update: ‘God’s Kept Him Here’

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Months after North Carolina pastor Ryan Marlow was declared dead, he is home with his family as his wife speaks of hope.

The full saga of Marlow’s journey is told on a Facebook page called Ryan’s Recovery.

As noted by People, the family’s ordeal began in August, when what began as a listeria infection led to a traumatic brain stem injury.

Then his condition deteriorated.

“He was clinically deceased. He had passed away,” Megan Marlow, Ryan’s wife, said she was told by a nurse, according to WXII-TV. “She said, ‘Your husband has passed.’ Those were the words that were used.”

But they were wrong. Experts “discovered that they made a mistake and that my husband, in fact, did not pass away,” she said, according to People.

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