Dog catches monkey pox from French gay owners

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Doctors have reported the first confirmed case of monkeypox that spread to a dog, potentially through its owners, a gay couple, calling into question whether pets should be isolated from owners diagnosed with the virus.

According to medical journal The Lancet, on June 10, 2022, two men went to Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, in Paris, France, with the men complaining of anal ulcerations and rashes that had spread.

The Lancet describes the couple as “non-exclusive,” and says that patient one is a 44-year-old Latona man with HIV, while the second patient is a 27-year-old white man who is HIV-negative.

“The men had presented with anal ulceration 6 days after sex with other partners. In patient 1, anal ulceration was followed by a vesiculopustular rash on the face, ears, and legs; in patient 2, on the legs and back. In both cases, rash was associated with asthenia, headaches, and fever 4 days later,” The Lancet describes.

The two men were diagnosed with monkeypox through a PCR test, using skin, oropharynx, and anal samples.

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