DOJ Bans Officials From All ‘Partisan Political Events’ Amid Allegations of Bias

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Attorney General Merrick Garland on Tuesday announced a significant update to the Department of Justice’s policies regarding bans on political involvement amid allegations of bias at the agency.

“Although longstanding Department policy has permitted non-career appointees to attend partisan political events, e.g., fundraisers and campaign events, in their personal capacities if they participated passively and obtained prior approval, under the new policy, non-career appointees may not participate in any partisan political event in any capacity,” Garland said in a memo (pdf).

The attorney general did not make any references to any specific Department of Justice (DOJ) employees or incidents.

Garland said previous DOJ policies had “allowed non-career employees to passively attend campaign events and other partisan political events in their personal capacities on the evening of Election Day.”

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