Donald Trump Jr. Claims He Has Been Barred from Going on Fox News – ‘Biggest RINO Ever’ Behind It?

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Remember Paul Ryan? Well, apparently, he’s going to be very angry if the GOP nominates Donald Trump again in 2024.

In an interview that aired Sunday with Milwaukee’s WISN-TV, the former Republican House speaker and Wisconsin resident said he would not even attend the Republican convention in Milwaukee next year if Trump is the party’s nominee.

In a video posted to his Instagram account after the announcement, Donald Trump Jr. pointed out the obvious: Outside of the Beltway, no one cares. However, inside the Beltway the former GOP House speaker holds a certain amount of power — enough, Trump Jr. alleged, that Ryan has been keeping him off of Fox News.

In a video posted to his Rumble account on Monday, Trump Jr. said “no one gives a crap” that Ryan had announced he wouldn’t attend the convention if the elder Trump was nominated again.

“Literally no one!” Trump Jr. emphasized.

In the interview with WISN political director Matt Smith, Ryan was asked directly if he would be at the convention in his home state.

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