Drag Queen Targets Student After He Stands Firm on 2 Genders, Then Parents Intervene: Report

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Controversy has erupted in the United Kingdom after a drag queen targeted a student who said that there were only two genders.

According to U.K. outlet The Telegraph, a drag queen was brought in to teach Year 7 students at the Queen Elizabeth II School in Peel on the Isle of Man. The drag queen allegedly told the students that there were 73 different genders.

One student responded to this insane claim and said, “there’s only two” genders, at which point the drag queen said “you’ve upset me” and forced the student to leave the class.

While a grown man targeting a young child in front of the entire class is plenty disturbing enough on its own, especially considering that this child was speaking the truth, that is far from the most disturbing thing that allegedly happened at the school.

The Telegraph report states that students have been taught about oral and anal sex, how a gender transition is performed, and students in Years 7 and 8 have been taught by teachers how to masturbate.

Now, in response to these disturbing allegations, outraged parents on the Isle of Man are taking matters into their own hands.

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