‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Shares Shocking Story of What Happened When She Tried to Promote Faith-Based Books at Library

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When “Drag Queen Story Hour” for children at local libraries became a celebrated thing — and opposition to it became verboten, at least in the eyes of the establishment media — Christian actor Kirk Cameron had an idea:

If that kind of indoctrination was allowed in a publicly funded institution, so, too. should be reading patriotic, wholesome books for kids at the selfsame libraries.

If this were about the abstract value of freedom of expression, one would think Cameron and Co. would be welcomed with open arms. Instead, according to one of the stars working with him — “Duck Dynasty” star Missy Robertson — library staff harassed them as they were trying to film promos for an event in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

As word of the confrontation spread, the fallout has been dramatic. On Tuesday, WTVF-TV in Nashville reported that police were investigating a bomb thread that had been emailed to the library.  The same day, WKRN-TV in Nashville reported that Hendersonville Public Library Director Allan Morales warned in an email that Mayor Jamie Clary warned drew  reported Tuesday that the library have been “multiple threats” against the library.

When The Western Journal contacted the library by phone on Wednesday morning, it was answered by a voice mail message saying, “Hello, you’ve reached the library. We’ve had to close. Please call back another day.”

In a podcast published Thursday hosted by her husband, Jase, and father-in-law Phil, Missy Robertson said staff used loud music and other noises to disrupt the promo filming.

Fox News had previously reported that the Feb. 25 event was initially supposed to be moved to a church, with library staff officially stating the reason was that it hadn’t planned for such “a large-scale event.”

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