Elite NYC School Teacher Admits ‘Sneaking’ in Left-Wing Agenda, Complains About ‘White Boys’: Project Veritas

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A Manhattan private school administrator was captured in an undercover video complaining about “horrible” white students who have been pushing back against the leftist ideology she has been using her position to promote.

Jennifer “Ginn” Norris, the director of student activities at the Trinity School, was filmed by undercover news organization Project Veritas discussing how she and like-minded teachers were turning the $60,000-a-year Upper West Side school into a place “where conservatives would not feel comfortable.”

“There’s always groups of teachers who want to do these [activist] things but the administration just wouldn’t let us,” Norris told the undercover journalist posing as a sympathizer. “So, we’ve been just sneaking things in [through] the cracks.”

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