Elizabeth Warren’s Claim to Fame Just Landed in Front of a Conservative Supreme Court

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Because progressives rely on situational ethics and deceit to advance their agendas, they have a difficult time keeping their stories straight.

Usually, they just ram their way through any challenges over their inconsistencies or hypocrisy, but sometimes the law gets involved, and the contradictions must be addressed.

Now, in a case heading to the Supreme Court, some once expedient testimony from government officials could threaten a major Obama-era government bureau.

Questions about the funding of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau could end up gutting the agency, based on how the court rules.

The possibility is troubling to both Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who helped create the CFPB, and the Biden administration.

The Washington Times reported on the actions taken by the CFPB since it was set up in 2010: “Over 12 years, the CFPB has sent more than 3.3 million consumer complaints to companies, with a 98% timely response rate by financial firms, according to the House Financial Services Committee. It has delivered more than $14.9 billion in monetary compensation, principal reductions, canceled debts and other consumer relief.”

The Times also described the CFPB’s latest legal troubles.

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