Elon Musk Responds with 4 Words to Disturbing Satan Worship at Grammys

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Most Americans probably never thought a literally satanic performance on national television would become part of the national conversation.

But after the Grammy Awards telecast Sunday, when a pair of sexually confused “entertainers” staged a primetime paean to the Prince of Darkness, it appears anything is possible.

And for all the social media comment the performance of the aptly titled song “Unholy” has generated, Twitter owner Elon Musk might have summed it up best in four simple words.

“End of times vibes,” Musk wrote in a Twitter post published Monday.

It’s an easy enough feeling to understand.

Even if sinuous, gyrating dancers, suffused in crimson, surrounding a horned-hatted figure belching out lyrics to the rhythmic screeching of tortured souls aren’t quite the Four Horsemen of Revelation, they were kindred spirits.

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