Elon Musk Reveals How He Thinks Trump Will Win 2024 Election with ‘Landslide Victory’

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It’s not clear how Elon Musk may personally feel about former President Donald Trump, but the eccentric Twitter boss offered a take on social media that is sure to leave fans of the former president grinning from ear to ear.

When it comes to the upcoming 2024 presidential election, Musk sees Trump winning in a “landslide victory” — that is, if Trump is arrested as a part of the Stormy Daniels investigation.

The Daniels investigation, for those unaware, was centered around alleged “hush money” payments to the former porn actress to hide a previous affair with Trump. Of note, the former president has strongly denied that an affair had ever taken place.

As pathetic of an investigation as that sounds, there does appear to be a very real possibility of Trump being arrested. Trump posted as much on Truth Social. He believes that he will be arrested this coming Tuesday.

Trump says the information comes from an illegal leak from the Manhattan District Attorney‘s office.

The news traveled hyper-fast over the social media highway. Mario Nawfal, CEO at NFT Technologies, wondered if such an arrest would spell the “end of Trump”.

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