Elon Musk SLAMS Justin Trudeau over ‘fringe minority’ comment

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is becoming a vocal supporter of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. In a series of tweets Sunday, the billionaire lauded the convoy and slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for referring to them as a “fringe minority.”

“It would appear that the so-called ‘fringe minority’ is actually the government,” Musk said in a tweet. “If the government had the mandate of the people, there would be a significant counter-protest. There is not, therefore they do not.”

Musk also commended the pro-freedom convoy for protesting in Canadian weather. “Protesting in a Canadian winter shows real commitment!”

Earlier on Sunday, Musk also called out the mainstream media and Canadian government for misleading the public: “If Canadian government is suppressing peaceful protests, that’s where fascism lies & cartoonist is just a shill.

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