Elon Musk Snapping Up Twitter: Free Speech Revival or Socialist Expansion?

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While some feel that tech mogul Elon Musk’s recent 9.2 percent Twitter stock purchase and his offer to buy Twitter outright is a sign that the restoration of free speech could return to the platform, to others, Musk is a threat to the left’s control of the platform.

Speaking at a TED event in Vancouver, Canada, on April 14, Musk said that the reason he’s attempting to buy Twitter is not to make money but to reduce the “civilizational risk” censorship poses to democracy and freedom and to remove restrictions to free speech.

Despite his stated good intentions, Musk has lavishly praised the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) on various occasions.

Speaking in the “Daily Drive Podcast” in 2020, Musk said “China rocks in my opinion,” referring to one of the most tyrannical regimes in the world that routinely enslaves its own people. He also said that China is a “world leader in digitalization.”

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