Elon Musk Tells Twitter Staff He’ll Allow ‘Pretty Outrageous’ Tweets in Leaked Video

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A portion of billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk’s call with Twitter employees was released Thursday, with the Tesla CEO saying that he believes “people should be allowed to say pretty outrageous things” as long as it’s legal.

“So I think people should be allowed to say pretty outrageous things that are in the bounds of the law but that don’t get amplified and don’t get a ton of reach,” he said in full, according to a video released by Project Veritas. Musk, who is attempting to purchase Twitter for $44 billion, was speaking during a Twitter all-hands meeting.

Musk added, “I think an important goal for Twitter would really try to include as much of the country … as much of the world as possible,” allowing the social media platform to “really go to the next level.”

“I think the potential is there for Twitter to have … to be accessible to an order of magnitude more people,” he added. “Let’s say the far-left 10 percent and the far-right 10 percent were equally upset on Twitter, then that would probably be a good outcome.”

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