EMMONS, VAN LAAR, CHEN at AmFest: 'The ideology of trans is an assault on reality'

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On the final day of Turning Point’s Americafest, The Post Millennial Editor-in-Chief Libby Emmons, Turning Point USA contributor Lauren Chen, and RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar took aim at the ideology of trans, from a conservative perspective. 

“There’s a reason that we keep bringing this up, this question of what is a woman and demanding that it be answered honestly, and it’s because the ideology of trans is an assault on reality,” said Emmons.

“It redefines existing words like man and woman, mother, father, to contain their opposites and it also makes false promises. And I think that it’s time to end compromise,” she added.

Chen said that the thing she finds “frustrating” about the trans activist movement is that “despite the claims that it’s about inclusivity,… ultimately it’s women who are getting hurt the most by this.”

“It’s women who are being edged out of women’s sports and scholarships, it’s women who are being left vulnerable in locker rooms, and it’s young girls who are now getting things like double mastectomies and being put on hormone blockers disproportionately to young men.”

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