Endocrinologist claims 'trans kids' know their gender identity 'as soon as they can talk'

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The division chief of endocrinology at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) in California said in a 2017 video from the hospital’s website that children can know they are transgender from a very young age and in some cases the children will let their parents know the moment they can talk. 

In the video, pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Mark Daniels announced he was overseeing the new Gender, Puberty and Sex Development program at the hospital and said, “Gender is that sense of self of who one is in the world that we live in, and so gender really is not defined by what you look like, or what your body looks like. It’s who you are inside.”

The clinic performs experimental sex changes on young people on the basis of that definition.

Daniels defined being transgender as people who “do not feel that they are the same gender as what their sex at birth was,” and said that while genetics, culture and environment are all believed to play a role, there isn’t a blood test or an X-ray that can confirm a self-declared transgender identity.

“Some children will, at a very early age, as soon as they can talk, will tell you that they’re being told that they’re a girl when they’re a boy or they feel like a boy, or vice versa. They’re actually a boy but everybody is calling them a girl or making them wear dresses,” said the specialist in pediatric endocrinology.  “And this is actually oftentimes very distressing to a child. So that would be one of the first indicators to some families.”

This is similar to Dr. Diane Erhensaft’s famous theory that pre-verbal toddlers who pull barrettes out of their hair or unfasten their onesies are sending gender messages and indicating that they are transgender.

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