Eric Swalwell Gets Smacked Down by Fact Checkers After Trying to Gloat About Trump Verdict

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What is it with Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell where he apparently needs a fact checker glued to his hip?

A fact checker would’ve come in handy before whatever purported tryst Swalwell embarked on with a suspected Chinese spy, and a fact checker would’ve been eminently useful before Swalwell took to Twitter to gloat about the outcome of a civil court case against former President Trump involving author E. Jean Carroll.

Only, Swalwell didn’t gloat about Trump being found liable for sexual abuse and defamation.

Swalwell used a Twitter post to make the demonstrably false claim that Trump had been “convicted,” and it was just the latest, shining example of the California congressman desperately needing someone to filter his urges.

The dubious tweet in question:

“The party of a *convicted* sexual abuser,” Swalwell tweeted, clearly referring to Trump’s ongoing legal issues.

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