ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Declares ‘Trump’s Gonna Get Re-Elected’ Thanks to Dem Policies That Have Caused ‘Mayhem’

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Left-wing ESPN sports commentator Stephen A. Smith ended his show Tuesday warning that the border crisis and the Democrat response to it is going to be the catalyst that gets Donald Trump re-elected to the White House this year.

Saying “somebody’s got to say it,” Smith insisted that Donald Trump will be re-elected as president “even if he’s a convicted felon” by that time.

He went on to cite the story out of New York City where Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has launched a $53 million pilot welfare program for illegal aliens featuring prepaid credit cards for illegals to use for spending money.

Smith, who lives and votes in New York City, went to pains to note that he likes Eric Adams, but went on to slam the mayor for his $53 million credit cards for illegals scheme. And he noted illegal immigration is a huge problem.

“Illegal immigration has become incredibly pervasive since the Biden administration has taken office. We all know that he’s capitulated to the extreme left,” he said. “And even though we wouldn’t say specifically and definitively that the borders are open, every time you turn around, particularly in states like Texas and Arizona and to a lesser degree California, it is an extreme problem. Well guess where else it’s a problem? It’s a problem in New York City.”

Smith then noted that he would move out of New York City if it weren’t for his daughter living there.

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