Evil: Trans Killer Who Confessed to Slaughtering Parents Reassigned ‘Female’ in Prison – It Gets Worse

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This is sick.

A man who was convicted of murdering his parents because they supposedly wouldn’t accept his “trans” identity has been registered as a female in prison.

The Maine Department of Corrections has designated Andrew Balcer as a “female” in prison records, according to Reduxx. Balcer was listed as male as recently as September.

In 2018, Balcer was convicted of stabbing his mother and father to death with a Ka-Bar knife on Halloween 2016, according to Fox News.

The move to entertain Balcer’s delusions amounts to a slap in the face of his deceased parents.

The convicted killer admitted that he savagely murdered his mother and father because of their lack of support for his supposed gender transition, according to Reduxx.

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