EXCLUSIVE: Drag queen who testified to 'protect' trans kids in Texas Senate offers sexual services online

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The drag queen who testified at the Texas Capital last week on the importance of protecting the wellbeing of kids during a Senate hearing for SB12 and SB1601, has been unmasked for offering illegal sexual services online. Maxine LaQueene, 26, who told the Senate he wanted to “protect children,” went viral days laters after being detained by police during a trans rights protest at the Capitol building in Austin.

The drag queen who uses she/her pronouns was forcibly removed by police after he flashed his testicles and rear end in front of legislators, women, and teens present in the state House chamber. Now the trans children’s rights activist has been unmasked for promoting shocking fetish videos online in addition to working illegally as a sex worker, a Class B Misdemeanour in the state.

LaQueene, a biological male, who identifies as a trans woman, was advertising sexual services on a trans prostitution website for $200 an hour, describing himself as “Mistress Maxine…a 6’4 trans mistress…available for dates, girlfriend experiences, hotel meetings and more.” Additionally, he proudly shows off extreme fetishes on his Twitter account, which he uses for trans activism, as well as on his OnlyFans.

Despite claiming to be a trans kids advocate, the drag queen posts photos of his uncensored penis with captions like “RT if you can deepthroat it” to Twitter, whilst posting extreme fetish videos on his OnlyFans account with his boyfriend who identifies as a ‘dog,’ wearing a leather fetish dog mask.

In the state of Texas, prostitution carries a maximum prison sentence of 180 days in prison and/or a $2000 fine for anyone that violates Texas Penal Code 43. Indecent exposure also carries the same penalty, though he has not been formally charged for flashing his genitals in front of onlookers earlier this week.

During an appearance while testifying before the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs, the drag queen said, “I want to protect children across Texas… and want to give some insight into the repercussions these bills have to our community.” He added, “Drag is my full time job that aids in economic growth, and as a drag artist I continue to work with multiple 501(c) charitable organizations to raise thousands of dollars for the local community. Drag does good for the local community.”

Senate bill SB12 would restrict sexually oriented performances, such as drag shows being performed on public property in the presence of children. The bill, if signed into law, would make it a civil penalty and criminal offense for a drag queen to perform a show in front of a child under the age of 18. Similarly, SB 1601 would prohibit state funding for venues such as libraries from hosting drag events.

“The bill stipulates that “a municipal library may not receive state funds if the library hosts an event at which a man presenting as a woman or a woman presenting as a man reads a book or story to a minor for entertainment.” LaQueene believes drag queens, such as himself, have a right to perform in front of children and told the Senate that it “is a form of self expression…and we should be allowed that freedom to express ourselves.”

After sparking backlash for his behavior in the Texas Capital and for indecent exposure, LaQueene took to Instagram saying that exposing himself in the Texas capital was “an accident that happened after DPS tried to forcibly remove me from the house,” and he added that if he showed up in the capital again, “DPS will arrest me.”

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