EXCLUSIVE: Medical sex change is a 'fiction' says expert witness in 'transphobia' trial of BC nurse

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On day 10 of the disciplinary hearing of Amy Hamm, the British Columbia nurse under investigation for allegedly transphobic social media activity, an expert witness testified that those who claim humans can change sex are “immersed in a fiction.”

Dr. Kathleen Stock OBE, who was a professor of philosophy at Sussex University until she was ousted for expressing gender critical views, was called to give evidence in support of Hamm. Hamm is facing the loss of her career for expressing similar ideas to Stock, such as there are only two sexes, humans cannot change sex, and it is unethical to attempt to perform sex changes on minors.

Stock was guided through her written submission by Lisa Bildy, legal counsel for Hamm. Bildy seeks to qualify Stock as an expert witness on the conflict of rights between sex-based and gender-based rights, the issue of language as relates to gender and sex, and the impact of gender self-identification and the value of gender critical speech. 

The counsel for the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM) seeks to disqualify Stock as an expert on the grounds that her opinion is “argumentative” and “irrelevant.”

Throughout her career, Stock has written and spoken extensively about what it means to be immersed in a fiction, and how imagining something is different from believing. She gave the example of being at the theater, where you might be fully immersed in the play but if the fire alarm goes off, you still know how to get out. 

She then explained to the disciplinary panel how this applies to trans activists, who are “immersed in a fiction of being able to change your sex, of being a woman or being a man, or being neither or being both.”

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