EXCLUSIVE: Migrants cross Panama's deadly Darien Gap, speak of torture, kidnapping and rape

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We’re often spoon fed the narrative that open borders are “humane and compassionate” and allowing everyone and anyone to make the journey to America is the “right thing” to do. After spending time with Venezuelan migrants that made the trip and hearing some of their stories, I’ll let you decide if that’s the truth.

Ahead of Title 42’s expiration, I traveled to Brownsville, TX and spoke to multiple Venezuelan migrants about their journey to America. Every migrant’s story shared similar overtones of hardship and death. One Venezuelan migrant sent me videos of the time he was crossing through the Darien gap with his family. 

If you aren’t familiar with the Darien Gap, it is one of the most dangerous areas in the world where everything goes including rape, murder, kidnappings, and torture. Venomous snakes and large predators reside in the jungle alongside the Cartels and a government that takes advantage of migrants every step of their journey.

The migrant that shared these videos with me also shared a very graphic story of his experiences while crossing the Darien Gap. He talked about how he witnessed over 10 people being “slaughtered” by rippers working with cartels. Rippers are known to rob, rape, kidnap, extort, and torture migrants. 

The Venezuelan migrant also spoke to me about the dangers women face on these treks to America. They are nearly all raped, abused, and groped every step of the way. He explained that this is not just something that happens every once in a while but is “just the way it works” while travelling to America.

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