EXCLUSIVE: Ontario Catholic school uses 'human rights' to defend suspending student over his opposition to gender ideology

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The Ontario school board that banned a Grade 11 student from attending his high school for the remainder of the year over his views on gender identity has released a statement defending its decision.

The Renfrew County Catholic District School Board (RCCDSB) published an open letter to the Renfrew community justifying its decision to exclude Josh Alexander from St. Joseph’s High School, explaining that the board respects human rights and draws on the guidance from policies issued by the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Alexander has not been permitted to attend his high school since last November when he was suspended for organizing a protest calling for female-only bathrooms after two girls had confided in him that they were uncomfortable sharing the spaces with trans-identified male students.

Alexander had also expressed his sincerely held religious belief that God created only two sexes during a law class discussion where he argued that males belong in male bathrooms because identity doesn’t change biology. This was considered to be “offensive” and “bullying” because there was a transgender student in the class.

Following these events, the school made the decision to exclude him from education for the remainder of the school year, arguing that his presence would be “detrimental to the physical and mental well-being” of transgender students.

Mark Searson, director of education, said in the open letter that while all students are “entitled – and encouraged – to share their beliefs – it cannot be at the expense of others. No one should be made to feel unsafe and marginalised. Bullying behaviour that creates an unsafe space for our students is not tolerated.”

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