EXCLUSIVE: Transgender male cyclist has history of harassing female Olympian

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A biological male cyclist who identifies as a transgender woman has stoked outrage after winning a women’s cycling race in Pennsylvania last weekend. Todd Seplavy, who goes by the name “Tara”, took the winning position against a 15-year-old girl during the women’s 3/4/5 at the Emrick Blvd Crit. The 48-year-old biological male defeated the 15-year-old girl, Maya Brothers, to the finish line by 12 seconds.

Seplavy, who has been competing in the female category for competitive cycling for several years, also works as the deputy editor of Bicycling magazine, where he often defends the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s sports. In a previous article, he signaled his support for Austin Killips- the transgender male who recently won in the female category at the Tour of the Gila championship in New Mexico–winning a $35,000 prize intended for women. Seplavy described those critical of Killips as peddling “hate speech” and described one group that protested the trans cyclist as an “anti transgender hate group.”

Besides fiercely defending transgender cyclists and deeming critics ‘anti trans’, the cyclist and magazine editor has some deeply troubling misogynistic views towards women, which have now come to light.

In an unearthed Instagram photo, Seplavy posted an image holding a trans-colored baseball bat captioned “Current Mood” while staring menacingly at the camera. The post was accompanied by the hashtag #SmashtheCistem, a play on words for Smash the System that references completely destroying an opposition group–in this case destroying or smashing “cis” women.

In addition to his implied threat to women, Seplavy’s old Facebook private group messages, exclusively obtained by The Post Millennial, reveal disturbing misogynistic abuse towards women, and in particular a years-long targeted harassment campaign against an Olympic cyclist.

The Post Millennial spoke exclusively to three-time Olympic cyclist Inga Thompson, who has been subjected to a relentless cancel campaign from Seplavy over the Olympian’s work to protect the female category in competitive women’s sports. In 2019, Thompson, who at the time sat on the board of directors for the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (OBRA), wrote a letter to the International Olympics Committee (IOC), asking them to revisit the policy on the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s sports. However, when Seplavy and other trans activists got word of Thompson’s letter, they organized targeted protests against her and a continual campaign to silence her, ultimately leading to her resignation from the board of directors. Thompson said that her only option was to resign so she could speak out freely after the OBRA caved into the demands of the activists.

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