EXCLUSIVE: White Portland Antifa members get black security fired from grocery store, claiming he’s a white supremacist

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A Portland Fred Meyer grocery store has fired a black security guard after white Antifa members complained, accusing him of being a Proud Boy and a “white supremacist.”

On March 3, self-proclaimed “Antifa scum” and “cop hater” Melissa Lewis, who was recently convicted for slashing up a Portland Police vehicle, shared a complaint made by Antifa riot arrestee Dustin B. Ferreira against 28-year-old security guard Andrew Duncomb, tagging Fred Meyer on Twitter. 

“Are you now telling me that as an adult disabled by white violence, that I now also need to walk past a violent white supremacist to pick up my life-saving medications at Fred Meyer Pharmacy?” wrote user “@HoboJo21504985.” Give me a f— break. Do better!”

The grocery store replied six days later, bowing to the demands of the extremists.

“We stand firmly against discrimination and injustice of any kind,” they wrote. “We have taken immediate action to terminate the security guard’s assignment at any of our Fred Meyer locations. Thank you.”

Portland Antifa member Melissa Lewis has turned to sex work following multiple failed lawsuits

Duncomb narrowly survived a stabbing by an Antifa suspect while live-streaming a riot in downtown Portland in 2020. The blade was only inches from his spinal cord. That criminal case is still ongoing, with Duncomb acting as a key witness against suspect Blake David Hampe, who has a prior federal conviction for possessing child sex abuse content. Antifa have sought to intimidate Duncome for his cooperation in the investigation and for his past affiliation with right-wing men’s group Proud Boys, which ended around 2017. Hampe’s trial is expected later this year.

Portland Antifa member and convicted pedophile Blake David Hampe is accused of stabbing Andrew Duncomb at an Antifa riot in 2020

Duncomb said that when he realized he was being followed while working, he recognized the person as “known Antifa agitator” Ferreira.

I knew from previous interactions with Dustin that if I gave him a chance to get close he would have publicly accosted me and would have made a scene in the store,” Duncomb continued, adding that once he helped the customer he removed himself from the store floor to “avoid any possible contact with Dustin.”

Andrew Duncomb spoke with media in 2020 after surviving an Antifa stabbing in Portland

Duncomb says he faced a similar situation early in 2022 when he worked at Walmart and was fired following a similar harassment campaign orchestrated by Antifa members. 

Ferreira himself was banned from Twitter in 2020 for hate speech and has a history of violent outbursts. In 2021, he was one of many who mobbed the hotel The Post Millennial Senior Editor Andy Ngo took refuge in, threatening to harm him after he was assaulted in the street.

“You don’t care about anyone but yourself,” the man continued. The store’s supervisor asked Ferreira to leave as he continued arguing.

Fred Meyer’s tweet announcing Duncomb’s departure has been met with over 1,000 comments, mostly criticizing the Kroger-owned supermarket chain. 

Ducomb has stopped live streaming and political activism and commentary for several years. “At the end of 2021, I made the decision to seek a career in security work and from then on carry myself as a professional,” he says. 

Andy Ngo contributed to this report

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