Expert on Near-Death Experiences Says They’re Faith-Building Evidence of God: ‘These Are Testimonies’

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Death has defined the life of author and pastor John Burke. And that’s why he lives with hope.

Burke, who researched near-death experiences for 35 years, covering more than 1,000 cases before he published his dynamic 2015 book “Imagine Heaven,” is back with “Imagine the God of Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, God’s Revelation, and the Love You’ve Always Wanted,” according to The Christian Post.

“What blew me away is the people that God brought to me this time in writing ‘Imagine the God of Heaven’ are from every continent, every background imaginable,” Burke said of the new book, which features 70 stories of people who were clinically dead but came back to life.

“What I started to realize as I was researching and thinking about the book is that He wants everybody to know He is the God of all nations. He created every person of every race, color, every nation to be His child, and that His love for each one of us is so unique,” Burke said.

“In our crazy world, what feels like evil on the rise, I think God is giving greater testimony globally to His reality and His great love for all people.”

Burke, who founded the Gateway Church in Austin, Texas, said during a recent interview with CBN News that “these are testimonies” of the truth of the Bible.

He said he hopes they do for others what they did for him.

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