Expert Witness Fires Back After ‘Squad’ Member Tries to Derail Hearing with Racism Accusation

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The subject of the hearing was fossil fuels, but the only subject Democratic Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri wanted to talk about was race.

During her comments, Bush, who labels herself as a member of the House “squad” of ultra-progressives, denigrated energy sector expert Alex Epstein as “a philosopher who has previously espoused white supremacist views.”

Those “white supremacist views” were soon revealed to be 23-year-old college writings.

“’The African American Studies Department has 23 classes. In many of these classes, African culture is presented not as inferior to Western culture, but as on equal footing with it,’” Bush quoted Epstein as writing, noting that he wrote the same thing for “Latin American, Indian and American Indian culture.”

Bush later criticized him for not disavowing his views.

“We are not inferior to any culture, speaking as a descendant of one of those cultures,” Bush said.

She said Epstein was there to “promote fossil fuels, which we know are disproportionately harming and killing black and brown people.”

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