Exxon Mobil SLAMS Biden in fiery letter

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Exxon Mobil slammed President Joe Biden in a fiery letter on Wednesday after Biden called out oil companies during a recent press conference, blaming them for rising fuel costs as skyrocketing inflation rocks the nation.

Exxon Mobil fired back at Biden who stated that oil companies need to ”work with my administration to bring forward concrete, near-term solutions that address the crisis,” and slammed the administration’s failing energy policies.

“In the short term, the U.S. government could enact measures often used in emergencies following hurricanes or other supply disruptions – such as waivers of Jones Act provisions and some fuel specifications to increase supplies,” the press release states.

”Longer term, government can promote investment through clear and consistent policy that supports U.S. resource development, such as regular and predictable lease sales, as well as streamlined regulatory approval and support for infrastructure such as pipelines.”

Those recommendations were made in response to the Biden administration shutting down major US pipelines, which has vastly limited the production of oil in the United States.

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