Facilities slated for Biden administration grants are distributing crack pipes: report

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Two organizations in Maine that are scheduled to receive funding from a Biden administration grant program for harm reduction kits for drug treatment are actively distributing crack pipes to addicts.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, “The Church of Safe Injection, which bills itself as a ‘nonprofit that fights for the health, rights, and dignity of people who use drugs (PWUD),’ will receive funding through a $1.2 million grant the Biden administration awarded to a coalition of Maine groups.”

A Free Beacon reporter picked up a crack pipe and meth pipe last week at the organization’s Lewiston, Maine, office but did not provide a smoking kit, which typically includes other drug paraphernalia such as alcohol wipes, copper wool, and a mouthpiece.

A second organization set to receive a grant, Maine Access Points, provided one of the outlet’s reporters a bag of a dozen crack pipes along with foil and a smoking kit that contained a mouthpiece, copper scrubber, lip balm, and instructions on how to smoke crack cocaine.

The organization also gave out three meth pipes, a snorting kit, naloxone, fentanyl test strips, and a condom.

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