Fact Check: Dems Attack Conservatives for ‘Banning’ Books – Here’s the Truth

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Far-left LGBT and gender activists, Democratic Party lawmakers and much of the liberal media have spent recent years claiming the removal of certain books from public school classrooms and libraries equates to Nazi Germany’s book burnings.

The removal of this literature from schools has become such a hot-button issue that there is a national narrative that an all-out assault on reading is underway. On any given news day, a casual reader might come across a headline claiming not only that these so-called bans are taking place but also that there exists a virtuous group of people who are out to stop them.

Conservatives are naturally being blamed as the morally bankrupt left portrays the battle over what should and should not be taught in classrooms as an issue of censorship and indoctrination by the right.

It is generally omitted that many of these “banned” books are so graphic in nature that concerned parents have been asked to stop reading from them during school board meetings on account of their perversity and vulgarity.

Here is one example of a parent being asked by school administrators to cease reading from a book that is available to children but was deemed inappropriate at a forum for adults:

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar and blasphemous language that some viewers will find offensive.

Florida has taken a hardline stance against allowing such filth in classrooms. Other states that are also led by Republicans have taken major steps as of late to prevent small children from being exposed to depravity in literature.

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