Fact Check: Has Ford Rolled Out an LGBT ‘Very Gay Raptor’ Truck?

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Paging Ford’s truck division. Emergency call from Bud Light on line one. Repeat, emergency call from Bud Light on line one.

Oh, whoops. It looks like the Ford executives who could have stopped their brand from becoming the “Bud Light of Trucks” had already done the deed a year ago, when they ran the “Very Gay Raptor” — yes, that is its real name — at a major motorsports event.

You may have indeed wondered whether this video, that’s been going viral thanks to former transgender personality Oli London, was real:

The answer is yes.

The ad shared by London features Rob Kearney, the first openly gay competitor in the World’s Strongest Man competition, talking up the allyship he found in the event.

Others also recently posted promotional videos of the “Very Gay Raptor,” a rainbow flag-bedecked version of the $56,000-plus twin-turbo performance truck:

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