Fact Check: Is It True Trump’s Airplane Has Been Impounded by NYPD Over Flight Risk?

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Even Newsweek knows how deranging Trump Derangement Syndrome can be.

The stalwart member of the establishment media — a publication that established a record during former President Donald Trump’s administration of publishing “news” that had the sole goal of bashing Trump and catering to liberal biases — saw fit this week to investigate a rumor that Trump’s plane had been impounded by the New York Police Department.

The result isn’t nearly as surprising as the fact that Newsweek thought it was necessary in the first place.

The story started with a Twitter post by a user going by the handle “Snark Tank,” which probably should have been a clue right off that maybe it wasn’t a Grade A source of information.

“BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump deemed flight risk, NYPD impounds Trump Force One,” the tweet stated.

As a meme, it’s not bad, really, with a comically ludicrous photoshopped picture of “Trump Force One” hitched to an NYPD tow truck, and a groan-inducing play on the words “flight risk.”

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