Fact Check: The Truth About Constitutional Carry Bans and Gun Crime Rates

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Lawmakers in 27 states across the country have enshrined the Second Amendment for citizens, allowing law-abiding Americans to carry firearms as they see fit.

If one listens to the rhetoric from the anti-gun left, one might mistakenly believe there is an epidemic of gun crime in these states endorsed by firearm advocates and Republican lawmakers.

However, areas that trust their populations to legally and responsibly carry firearms have seen reductions in crime in recent years.

This is an inconvenient fact for those whose ultimate goal is to ban the sale, possession and use of firearms. But Americans have a God-given right to protect themselves, their property and others, and law-abiding armed citizens — “good guys with guns” — have saved lives.

A look at the facts shows that constitutional carry laws create safer communities, despite claims to the contrary.

In May 2022, the far-left Center for American Progress claimed governors who ease firearm restrictions are endangering communities.

After Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp made his state the 25th to allow citizens to carry guns without a permit, CAP called the constitutional carry movement “a massive step back for public safety and responsible gun ownership.”

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