Fact Check: Trump Was Right, E. Jean Carroll Does Have a Cat That Has a Disgusting Name

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E. Jean Carroll is a very odd woman.

People who just know her from her sexual battery and defamation suit against former President Donald Trump will perhaps be surprised by the depth of the oddness, but I’m not because I’ve read her thoroughly weird “biography” of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, in which chapters of fact would alternate with chapters of fiction. (If you’ve ever come across the purported overview of Thompson’s preposterously excessive “daily routine” of overindulgence in every manner of pharmaceutical, alcoholic and gustatory excess, then you’re familiar with at least part of that book’s fictional narrative.)

If you watched Wednesday’s town hall meeting with Trump, however, you may best remember her as the woman the former president says has a “dog or cat named Vagina.”

As the Twitter user who posted this noted, he certainly believes it, judging by footage of Carroll during various media interviews in which she didn’t seem terribly stable.

Just so we’re clear, this came after CNN’s Kaitlan Collins asked Trump what he would say to voters who think the mixed verdict in the case “disqualifies you from being president.”

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