Fake Video of Biden Activating Selective Service Act Goes Viral, But in It There’s a Very Real Truth

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An AI video of President Joe Biden has emerged that offers a chilling taste of what may be coming our way if the war in Ukraine continues to escalate.

On Monday, the Post Millennial posted an AI video on Twitter that showed Biden activating the Selective Service Act due to the war in Ukraine and increased tensions with China, drafting 20-year-olds into the military.

Now, let’s be absolutely clear about this, this is a FAKE video made by AI. Biden did NOT actually activate the National Service Act, and 20-year-olds are NOT currently being drafted. Plus, you can tell that it is fake since Biden was able to give a speech without making a million gaffes.

However, despite the fact that this is obviously fake, there is some very real truth in this video. In his commentary on the video, Jack Posobiec asked, “Do you understand the gravity of what we’re talking about?” This is not merely a fun video, this really could be a pre-creation of what is to come.

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