Family of Double Amputee Said Police ‘Murdered’ Him – Then the Footage Came Out

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A man who was a double amputee was shot and killed by police in California at the end of January, now his family is accusing officers of “murder.” But the newly released video seems to argue against the accusations.

On Jan. 26, the Huntington Park police were called when witnesses said Anthony Lowe, a double amputee, used a 12-inch butcher knife to stab a man. When police arrived, Lowe remained combative and threatened officers with the blade.

After ordering him to drop the knife and even tasing him, officers eventually shot the 36-year-old Lowe after he would not comply. Lowe, who his family said lost both legs recently in an accident in Texas, died at the scene.

The family has been highly critical of the shooting, claiming that Lowe was no threat and calling the actions of the officers a case of “murder.”

“Let’s call it what it is, it’s a straight murder,” family attorney Christian Contreras said, according to KABC-TV. “A disabled man, double amputee, murdered by Huntington Park Police Department officers.”

“You could tell he was in fear for his life,” added Ebonique Simon, the mother of Lowe’s son. “He had no legs. It could have been handled any other way.”

The department released a statement insisting the Lowe was an armed threat and had already stabbed one person.

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