Family of Young Chiefs Fan Threatens to Make Media Outlet Pay for Racism Smear: Report

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In the early makings of a situation eerily similar to the one that took down its former parent company, leftist sports site Deadspin is staring down quite a litigious future.

Deadspin found itself at the center of a raging controversy when it became the leading voice in a bizarre crusade against a young Kansas City Chiefs fan.

The young boy, eventually revealed to be Holden Armenta, was labeled and blasted as some sort of horrific racist when this image began going viral:

Deadspin, which often likes to howl about intersectionality in sports, lunged at the chance to throw the young Armenta under the proverbial bus, publishing a scathing article titled, “The NFL needs to speak out against the Kansas City Chiefs fan in Black face, Native headdress (UPDATE).”

(And oh, what a petty update it is, but more on that shortly.)

The issue arose, however, when it was revealed that all of these cries about “blackface” and racism were much ado about nothing because the young Armenta was simply donning classic football “warpaint” in the colors of the Chiefs.

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