Far-left agitator arrested for allegedly throwing brick at San Fransisco mayor during speech against open-air drug markets

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Before the Mayor and board of supervisors were forced to leave UN Plaza, Peskin was about to announce that he had issued a letter to Mayor Breed on Monday demanding San Francisco shut down all open-air drug markets within the next 90 days, and said that the Mayor needs to open an Emergency Operations Center to address the crisis.

Peskin explained that residents no longer feel safe in the city and questioned how enforcement will impact areas outside of UN Plaza, concerned that the vagrants will bring crime along with them.

“If police push the open-air drug market out of UN Plaza, Where will it go? We know where it will go — to places like the BART stations at 16th and Mission and 24th and Mission,” 
Peskin wrote.

“The BART police need to know that and be prepared. We know it is already going deeper into the Tenderloin and South of Market — which means the University of California police (who patrol around UC College of the Law) and Federal Protective Services (who patrol around the federal buildings) should be alerted, ready and in sync with our local agencies. The mayor needs to provide this coordination.”

“The Mayor’s Office needs to open a Emergency Operations Center to coordinate agencies responding to all of these hot spots around the city,” Peskin said. “The board of supervisors will provide oversight and accountability.”

The proposal comes as small businesses and corporations flee the city due to the vast increase in crime at the hands of failed progressive policies. In recent months, Nordstroms, WholeFoods, and T-Mobile all have announced their departures, citing rampant retail theft, violence from homeless vagrants, and loss of foot traffic as residents refuse to shop in the once-beloved city.

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