Far-left author advises parents of 'trans kids' to cut unsupportive family out of their lives

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A trans-activist author recently gave a talk in California advising parents on how to “love and accept their gender-diverse children and teens” which included advice such as cutting non-supportive extended family members out of a child’s life, and perpetuating the transition-or-suicide myth that coerces reluctant parents into consenting to their child’s medical transition.

Rachel Pepper, author of the 2008 book The Transgender Child, was invited by the Davis Parent University to speak at the event held at Davis Senior High School on Jan 11. During her speech, Pepper told the assembled audience that withholding sex change treatments from children is never a “suitable option” and implied that doing so could result in suicide.

“Do not ever think that withholding care, or telling a teen to wait until they are 18 and of age to move forward, are suitable options,” said the gender activist. “If you find that you are resistant to providing congruence options for your teen, and the clock is ticking, keep coming back to love and ask yourself, if you would prefer a suffering child or even a dead one to a child who could receive gender affirming care.”

The event page advertised Pepper as being “expert on gender identity development in children and teens” and a “sought-after public speaker and educator.” But plenty of experts disagree with her stance on suicide. There is no good quality evidence to support the transition or suicide myth, with many experts suggesting that the claim is driven by activism, not rigorous scientific assessment.

Furthermore, several nations have halted the practice of experimental child sex changes after systematic reviews of the evidence for affirmation, puberty blockers, and cross-sex hormones for minors showed there is no evidence to support such invasive treatments. 

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