Farmers Paying Triple for Fertilizer: We’re Not the Ones Raising Food Costs

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Beep, beep, beep. It’s the familiar sound of food scanned and placed into bags at your local grocery store. You just went in for a few things and meant to keep it under $100. But you walk away with a new case of sticker shock and fewer bags than $100 used to buy.

Inflation has hit every link of the food chain, such as diesel that fuels tractors in the field, and the trucks that deliver food from farm to the food processor, to the warehouse, and then to the retail store.

Another cost impacting your grocery bill is a major jump in the price of fertilizer. Farmers are paying roughly three times what they paid in 2020.

“I think folks tend to forget—I hear the mainstream media talking a lot about it—the cost of farming went up and you’re going to see that in the grocery store. Well, that points the finger at the farmer, and that’s very frustrating because the farmer, we don’t set the price for our corn, or our beans, or cattle, or hogs, or chickens. We don’t set the price of fertilizer,” Iowa Corn Growers Association President Lance Lillibridge told The Epoch Times.

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