Father says pediatrician asked his 3-year-old son 'are you a boy or are you a girl?'

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Popular social media account Libs of TikTok shared a video on Tuesday of a father who says his 3-year-old son’s doctor asked the child if he was a boy or a girl during a routine checkup.

The original video was shared by TikTok user, @theologyandculture, whose username has since changed to @dotingdadof2 and whose profile is now set to private. “Alright I need to know if any parents of young kids have had this same experience,” the father said in his car with a child’s car seat visible behind him. “So I just took my 3-year-old son to the doctor for a checkup. My 3-year-old son,” he emphasized.

“So my wife and I are waiting in the room with our son and the doctor comes in, and he sees my son sitting there at the table and the first question that he asks him is, ‘are you a boy or are you a girl?'”

“So luckily my son understands obvious tenets of biology at 3 years old and says that he’s a boy, just like his chart says,” he continued. “The rest of the appointment I couldn’t even focus because I’m wondering why in the world this guy is asking the question. And then I remembered, ‘oh yeah, I live in California.'”

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