Fauci’s daughter worked for Twitter during pandemic, deposition reveals

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On Monday, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt released to Twitter the full transcription of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s full deposition in the ongoing case regarding social media censorship, in which it was revealed that Fauci’s daughter worked for Twitter. 

Attorney D. John Sauer asked Fauci if he knew anyone that worked for social media companies at the time, to which Fauci stated, “Well, I’ve had communications with Mark Zuckerberg in the past who was — I’ve done, I believe, three outward FaceTime discussions encouraging people to get vaccinated.”

During the line of questioning, Fauci revealed that his daughter used to work for Twitter as a software engineer, but said in response to another question that they never discussed content posted to social media. 

“Do you have acquaintances, people that you know, who work on social media platforms?” Sauer questioned. 

“Well, a person who used to work as a software engineer for Twitter was my daughter,” said Fauci. 

“Did you ever — when she was working at Twitter, did you ever discuss with her the content of stuff posted on social media platforms?” Sauer asked, to which Fauci said no. 

“Did you ever discuss with her the origins of the virus or concerns about the origins of the virus?” Sauer continued.

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