FBI returns Trump's passports after CBS falsely claims Biden admin didn't have them

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On Monday, former president Trump announced via Truth Social that during the August 8 raid on his Florida estate, the FBI took his passports.

CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell accused Trump of fabricating the story, however it has since been revealed that the Justice Department had, in fact, been in possession of the travel documents.

According to NBC News, Trump’s passports were returned to him on Monday evening, with FBI acknowledging that they had taken them during the raid.

Trump’s attorney Christina Bobb slammed the DOJ for their behavior.

“I think this goes to show the level of audacity that they have,” she said. “It goes to show how aggressive they were, how overreaching they were, that they were willing to go past the four corners of the warrant and take whatever they felt was appropriate or they felt that they could take.”

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