FBI whistleblowers testify that Biden admin retaliated against them for expressing concern over weaponization of government against Jan 6 defendants

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On Thursday, the House Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government heard from FBI whistleblowers who allege that the agency retaliated against them over their whistleblower disclosures, made to their direct superiors.

Garret O’Boyle, a US Army veteran and former FBI special agent, testified to Congress that he was “wrongfully suspended from the FBI.”

O’Boyle said of his four years as a special agent with the FBI, “I received the highest annual review an employee can receive. I volunteered for, tried out for, and was selected for an FBI SWAT team; I also volunteered for, tried out for, and was selected for a new unit the FBI created and I received an award for my work on an anti-abortion extremism case.”

“I’ve been smeared as a malcontent and subpar FBI employee. This smear stands in stark contrast to my life in public service,” O’Boyle added.

He said that the smear campaign “is unsurprising,” adding that depsite the oath to uphold the Constitution, “too many in the FBI aren’t willing to sacrifice for the hard right over the easy wrong.”

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