Female field hockey player sustains neck injuries after playing against trans-identified male in Scotland

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A biological male playing on a women’s mixed-age field hockey team allegedly injured a young female opponent at a match earlier this year in Scotland.

Greg MacDonald, who goes by “Anna” on social media, was identified by Reduxx as the transgender player in question.

While the specific date of the match and information on the opposing team have been withheld for the protection of the underage player involved, a spectator told the outlet that “MacDonald looked and moved like a rugby player,” and was “taller and more muscular than everyone else on the pitch.”

The spectator, who asked to remain anonymous, said that MacDonald’s presence on the women’s team prompted “a lot of raised eyebrows” from the crowd.

The source said that while field hockey is not “officially” a contact sport, collisions commonly occur between players both on accident, and when rules aren’t followed.

“MacDonald was trying to tackle a girl who had got behind the defense and had a clear run at goal,” the source said. “The tackle from the left is hard to do without making contact, particularly at speed. It was a high-risk maneuver.”

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