Fetterman Uses Sneaky Move to Get Away with Wearing Hoodies and Gym Shorts in Senate

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Democrats of Pennsylvania, rejoice.

Sure, you may have elected a man to the upper chamber of Congress who, after a stroke before last year’s Democratic senatorial primary, could barely complete a coherent thought.

He also might have spent a few months of his six-year term in the hospital dealing with serious mental health issues, something that isn’t uncommon for stroke survivors.

But don’t worry. Just like any other feted Democrat, Fetterman is being given all sorts of leeway — including when it comes to the Senate dress code.

As you may have noticed, Fetterman has decided to dress for the job he had — namely, the relatively low-key, minimally powerful position of lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania — rather than the job he has. Forget about dressing for the job he wants, if he even has any hopes for advancement.

This is how he showed up for a news briefing about debt ceiling negotiations:

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