Final Episode: ‘The Unseen Crisis’ Film Preview; Sen. Johnson Won’t Abandon Vaccine Injured; Past Highlights

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We’re a bit sad to announce that this is the final episode of “The Nation Speaks,” so this is an extra special show.

First, a preview of a documentary that brings COVID-19 vaccine injury out of the shadows: “The Unseen Crisis,” written, directed, and co-produced by your host, Cindy Drukier, and executive produced by “American Thought Leaders” host Jan Jekielek. Watch the film on EpochTV.

Next, exclusive content that didn’t make it into the film—a conversation with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), the only member of Congress who’s taken on the issue of vaccine injury and won’t let go. “Quite honestly, this is the reason I ran for a third term. As much as I hate the dysfunction here, as much as I just wanted to walk away, I couldn’t turn my back on the vaccine injured,” he said.

Then, in America Q&A, we ask: What happened if you or someone you know reacted badly to the COVID jab?

Finally, a look back at some of the great voices we’ve had a chance to hear as The Nation Speaks.

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